Our registration system

Registration Offer

The Gusto Management System

Our approach is sophisticated but welcoming, technically advanced yet extremely user friendly.We are always looking for ways to better our services - keeping the delegate experience innovative and creative from start to finish.

We take a much broader, multi-dimensional approach.

How Gusto communicate to the delegates

We think about the delegate′s journey before they have.

Communicating to them the options of travel, how to get there, how they are met on arrival, handling luggage, registering them swiftly and offering them more than a cup of coffee.

The event website is the key to communicating everything the delegate needs to know.

Gusto registration offers

How we get the right system for you?

  • We determine it by your budget
  • By the data you want to extract/capture
  • What you want your delegate experience to be
  • We consider your time constraints
  • We look at the technology that your delegate has access to
  • We follow your brand guidelines

What our system can do for you

  • Create a bespoke branded website which is continually updated
  • Event specific registration form
  • Pre filled details where possible
  • Mandatory fields
  • Sponsorship & branding opportunities
  • Unique personalised user ID and Password
  • All systems adhere to the data protection act
  • Dedicated help line/email for each event - maximum 3 hour response time.
    Delegates speak to our dedicated Gusto registration team
  • Real time data reports
  • Analytics
  • Chasing of non-responders using emails and telephone
  • Bespoke joining instructions
  • Post event evaluation - we look to increase audience feedback
  • Evaluate your return on investment
  • Champion a Cascade tool
  • Pre printed credit card badge with lanyard
  • Instant badge printing onsite

Event Technology

Gusto Technology

Gusto are constantly embracing new technologies, innovations and learning new ways to help our clients communicate to their delegates. We take a much broader, multi-dimensional approach; the majority of our technology innovations are driven by ensuring the delegate receives a seamless yet experiential & stimulating experience. We do this by using mobile technology, group text messaging, QR Coding for registration and event promotion, attendance tracking solutions, infra red scanners, bar codes. Using social media platforms such as twitter, linked in, Facebook, YouTube. We have developed event apps to include current agendas, live feeds, floor plans, presenter & event live updates. Audience response solutions using the most advanced technology. Interactive Q&A, virtual work books and handsets.

Our Gusto Registration system is an advanced system, designed to capture real time data, produce bespoke reports and analytics, it can be tailored to each clients needs and is the catalyst to producing a seamless event. Gusto have developed this system over the past 11 years, embracing new technology & software at its best but taking the practical logistics side of events and being able to bring them alive.